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Please note that in some cases extra images are available to view. These can be opened (in a new window) by clicking on the relevant image below. When finished viewing the gallery, please close the new window to be returned to this page. The pictures here are primarily used to give a 'timeline' for my work, and to 'set the scene'. All copyrights of the respective authors acknowledged.

Updated October 2010:

Christmas Island Gallery of my own photos added. Please note that an additional PDF file containing thumbnails of over 250 unedited pictures (as well as other items) is available for download by clicking HERE.

(Should you recognise anybody (or anything) could you please let me know via the contacts page, quoting the name of the image in your message?)

My Work 'Institution 1937-58' includes time in a Spurgeons Orphan Home (Reigate) 1944-1951, as well as my shared experiences during the early part of 'Operation Grapple' on Christmas Island. Chapter Three of this document features pictures from other 'Nuclear Veterans'. Click HERE to download an unpublished draft copy in PDF format.

Watch this space for information regarding Better Court Than Coroners..........!
1939 - Evacuation 1957 - Xmas Island
1939 - Family Evacuation, Canonbury, N. London 1957 - Christmas Island (Op. Grapple)
1896 - Lunacy Laws 1917 - Sanctuary Booklet
1896 - Law and Practice in Lunacy 1917 picture - 1997 Sanctuary Booklet
1946 - Snake Pit (US) 1948 - Byberry (US)
1946 - Snake Pit (US) by Mary Jane Ward 1948 - Byberry - Philadelphia's Bedlam (US)
1957 - Acre Collage 1967 - A family picture
1957 - Acre Collage (Worthing Experiment) 1967 - A family picture
1980 - Graylingwell 2009 - Better Court Than Coroners
1980 - Graylingwell Corridor - Mens' Side 2009 - Better Court Than Coroners book

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